Bruised Gospel, dancing girl press, Spring 2018



moon, Permafrost Magazine

cast, Permafrost Magazine

nocturnal, Permafrost Magazine

cathedral, Permafrost Magazine

Scar, Permafrost Magazine

This Is Nature, Beecher’s Magazine

Chalcedony, The Murmur House

Brief History of My Body, Or My Body As Fragments, The Elephants

Migrant Speech, DIAGRAM

Redbone, Or Ritual of Utterances, SWP Guerilla Literary Magazine

Tongue, Endangered, Atticus Review

Sea Wolf, Nottingham Review

Homonyms for Separation from Origin, Lullwater Review

An Almost-Portrait of My Father, Josephine Quarterly

Requiem for the Northern Forest, Wildness

After Your Funeral, Rogue Agent

Midsummer, Hermeneutic Chaos Press

On Nights When I Am Motherless, So To Speak

Shell, So To Speak

June, ELKE: A Little Journal

The Coyote in Chiang Mai, Mile 19, ELKE: A Little Journal

The Ungardening, Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Litany of Departures, DIALOGIST

August in Georgia Is a Pigeon-pale Field Blooming, damselfly press

I Bloom Like Ginger Root, Elephant Journal

Winter, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine

A Haiku, The Mindful Word

I Bloom Like the Ginger Root, The Mindful Word

After Meditating in the Forest, The Mindful Word

The Sacred Fig Tree, The Mindful Word

Your Heart Is An Empty Church, Milk Journal



Midwinter, Idle Magazine

Winter Solstice, Idle Magazine

November, Idle Magazine

Autumnal Equinox, Idle Magazine

Samhain, Idle Magazine

Birch Avenue at Nightfall, Idle Magazine

Trifolium, Idle Magazine

La Cueva del Indio, Puerto Rico, Idle Magazine

After Rain, Idle Magazine

Dusk, Idle Magazine

Pre-existing Condition II, Matrilineage Issue, BEATS: A Naropan Periodical

Pre-existing Condition I, Matrilineage Issue, BEATS: A Naropan Periodical

I Can’t Sleep in This City, Tooth n Nail

Enough, Tooth n Nail Anthology

first snowfall, The Murmur House

from the fields, The Murmur House

branches/bronchioles, The Murmur House

language ruins, The Murmur House

mare at nightfall, The Murmur House

Family Tree: A Triptych, After the Pause


book reviews

Bone Confetti by Muriel Leung, Something on Paper

Wherever the Land Is by Amy Wright, Something on Paper

The Abridged History of Rainfall by Jay Hopler, The Adirondack Review

Tornado Is the World by Catherine Pierce, The Adirondack Review

The Island Kingdom: A Homage to Homeland, The Island Kingdom by Pablo Medina, Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art



She Who Set the World Ablaze: Interview with Danielle Dutton, Something on Paper

Bright Impossibility with Amy Wright, Jack Kerouac School Blog

Miami Musicality: A Conversation with Cuban-American Poet Mia Leonin, Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art

Women in Translation with Diane Furtney, Kimberly Johnson, Liuyu Chen, and Jen Hofer, The Adirondack Review


fellowships, awards, + honors

Robert Creeley Scholarship, Naropa University, 2017

Nomination, Best of the Net Anthology, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, September 2016

Graduate Writing Fellow, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, August 2016

Fellowship, The Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Poets, June 2016

Fellowship, Writers in Paradise, January 2016

Nomination, New York State Summer Writers Institute, January 2016

Bettye Newman Poetry Award, April 2016

Bettye Newman Poetry Award, April 2015

Nomination, Florida’s Gulf Coast Writing Awards, March 2015