Sarah Escue is a copywriter, marketing strategist, and editor. She has worked with a variety of media outlets, creative and scholarly publications, and SMEs across the United States. 


Copywriting & Marketing

Sarah can create a digital experience for your business that will build relationships and enrich brands. She specializes in social media marketing, digital ad campaigns, and content-based SEO strategies. Sarah has helped numerous companies use a variety of platforms to effectively tell their story and deliver their message to their target market. 


Book & Chapbook Manuscripts

Sarah offers manuscript editing & consultation for full-length and  chapbook-length manuscripts. In response to your manuscript, you will receive extensive, individualized, unbiased notes, including:

  • Detailed comments and line edits on individual poems
  • Feedback about structure and order of poems
  • Feedback and suggestions for titles (of the manuscript, any sections, and individual poems)
  • Evaluation of poems and their inclusion in the manuscript
  • Submission guidance about when and where to submit your manuscript
  • Manuscript discussion to be conducted via email or phone, at the author’s preference


Individual Poems

To help you make significant breakthroughs in your work, Sarah also provides feedback on individual poems. She edits electronically in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and provides detailed suggestions.



Sarah will gladly price her work on a hourly basis or on a flat-rate, per-project basis, depending on the client’s preference. She charges reasonable, industry-standard rates. Please contact Sarah to discuss fees, scheduling, and your specific needs.