Prasie for Brusied Gospel

“This is the poetry of pressure, uncontainable lyrics so tightly constructed they explode through a world injured and marked by its injuries, but healing and filled with the most wondrous light.” - Jay Hopler

“If, in this unfolding new year, I can find the faith to pray again, it will be a bruised prayer, and if I find the voice to share the good news, it will be a bruised gospel. Sarah Escue’s poems are a flame on my tongue, a hymn to unity.” – J’lyn Chapman

“In Bruised Gospel, Escue bridges the tender and the terrible, exploring and examining the sadnesses and slow glories that bind us together. Like Louise Gluck’s work, these delicate yet deliberate poems transform image into meaning, recording the moment of realization and leaving the reader more fully alive.” – Emma Bolden

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Sarah Escue's first publication! On sale for the release!

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